Saturday, October 31, 2009

New patterns

I just listed 7 new patterns in the Etsy shop, 4 quick stitching small patterns and 3 biscornu patterns.
They are all original designs by yours truly!

Here's my favorite, the panda biscornu. It has 4 fortune cookies that predict wealth, love, happiness and good health for you. I thought that sounded nice. I am going to make one for myself that predicts naps, margaritas, sushi and ice cream.

Now I will go have a bowl of cereal, because when I make stuff I get hungry.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Surprise Mail: It's my favorite

My MIL, she rocks. She bought this and had it sent to me:

The whole dang fabric bundle. 11 fat quarters and a panel. I'm not really a quilter, so I think I'll just make some bedding with it. I'm giving up on the Yo Gabba Gabba pillowcases. I am so sick of stitching fill in on Foofa's head I could puke. I still might make her a Muno pillow out of red dot minky but that's it.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

We came, we saw, we booed

We made it to Boo at the Zoo and the weather did not interfere.
This is a photo essay of what happened. Featured is my lame DJ Lance hat. They were out of orange fur and I had to get fleece.

Then we came home and Adelaide cried and Chloë fell asleep with her vampire teeth in her mouth. I ate another cupcake. Now I am writing about it in this blog.
The end!


Don't be scared...

Here is the Boo pie. I hope the children are amused. Chloë still won't eat it.

The sneaky pumpkin is trying to eat the pie.

It tried to eat my cake balls, too.


I want sprinkles!

The small child is being a jerk because she didn't take a nap.

Today I:
Made the DJ Lance hat
Made Adelaide a Jack O'Lantern blanket with the leftover fleece
Made a metric asston of cupcakes for Chloë's school Halloween party
Made a BOO chicken pot pie (it's in the oven so you'll have to wait for a picture of my handiwork)

We're going to Boo the zoo tonight since the weather is nicer. The Marthafam is on the way over. We'll gorge ourselves on chicken pot pie and cupcakes (of course I made extras) and then take all of our childrens on over to the zoo. Oh yeah, no way in hell is Chloë eating chicken pot pie. It has VEGETABLES in it.

I did not get to biscornuize very much today since I was making hats and cupcakes and blankets. Maybe tonight.

It's Thursday! My tv night! Holy F, I am so boring.


Look at my irregular sprinkle placement. Some cupcakes got like 3486209843 pumpkin sprinkles and others had two or three. Whoops!



So what is the plural for biscornu? Biscornai? If I am making a biscornu do I say I am biscornuing or I am a biscornuist?
I am sort of obsessed with biscornu(s?) lately. I think it's my OCD that makes me love the symmetrical patterns. I am working on two of them right now from patterns that I drew. If they don't come out too jacked up looking then I'll put them on Etsy. If they come out jacked up looking, then I will probably still put them on Etsy. People buy some crazy shit sometimes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hump Day!

There was a monsoon last night so we didn't make it to the zoo. It's just as well because I didn't get a DJ Lance hat made in time, anyway. I have the stuff so I'm going to throw one together tonight because we're going to the zoo tomorrow. Chloë got a costume yesterday, finally. I have redeemed myself as a mother! She is going to be Alice in Wonderland, although the costume is sort of a punky emo looking Alice in Wonderland (wha' happen?") from the "tween favorites" At Party City. The caption states that "Alice just got a sassy makeover" which is the most lolworthy thing of the week.

She has the wig, too. Sigh.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Last pattern

For Lisa!

The Last website
The Last logo cross stitch pattern on Etsy
Sean's going to get a kick out of this, too.

Elvis is King

I made some Elvis Costello patterns, inspired by my friend Sarah, who is the biggest Elvis fan I know. Her son is sick so I thought she needed a smile today. I don't even know if she cross stitches, but at least now she's got a good excuse to learn.

How cute is she? Very. Elvis ain't looking too bad, either. Mmmm.

It better not rain tonight for Boo at the Zoo. For serious.

My MIL sent us a box of costumes and clothes yesterday. She made Sean a DJ Lance costume (minus a hat) and a Toodee costume for Adelaide. She also made a Toodee dress for her to wear at her birthday party in December.
I have to take pictures of this stuff. It's amazing! I wish my MIL didn't live in TX. I need her to be my sewing sensi.

Off to post the Elvis pattern, then to go shopping for some Halloween stuff - DJ Lance hat stuff, a costume for Chloë, and something for me. I should just wear my pajamas. Then I wouldn't even have to get dressed today.

Monday, October 26, 2009

1 minute post

I promised Chloë we'd watch Dancing With the Stars at 8 (yeah, I watch it, so what?) so this is a 1 minute post.

I don't have time to type anything. Tomorrow I need to find a DJ Lance Hat or materials to make one.

Happy Easterween!

I made a cross stitch pattern out of a drawing by Caren Osgood. Her bunny is adorable! It's going to be an embroidery pattern, too. Just listed it on Etsy. Thanks to Caren for letting me use her drawing. Check out her sites on the links section below.

Isn't this cute? It reminds me of Pat the Bunny. So sweet.


Working for the weekend

That's bad because it's only Monday.

Tomorrow we're going to Boo at the Zoo with the Marthafam. Asher's already inquired about crafts, as we made felt owls the last time he was here. Maybe we'll do Jack O' Lanterns this time.

Adelaide's going to be a gnome for Halloween. Chloë doesn't have a costume yet because I'm a bad mother.

Today I'm working on hand embroidery patterns for the Sock Monkey and the Gnome. Later on I'm going to try and finish up the Foofa pillowcase and get started on cross stitching the Sock Monkey for myself. Or maybe to sell, who knows? We'll see how it turns out. I'm incredibly anal about how the back of my cross stitch looks and if I'm making it just for myself, I won't be so picky and it'll take me less time.
I've sort of lost interest in the Lucky Cat on black since I just stitched it so recently. I think I'll set it aside for awhile.

I'm also going to make up a pdf tutorial with pics for Ashley, so I'll put it up for download here, too.

I bought a new rotary cutter and mat today because my old cutter was pffft. This one is made by Sewing Basket, a 28mm cutter just for my felt. I've never used this kind before but it was on sale and I had a coupon. I hope I don't cut my finger off.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free October 2009 Pattern

I'm going to try to get a free pattern up every month, either cross stitch or embroidery. This month it's a penguin cross stitch. This is simple and uses only 4 colors, so it's an easy project you can stitch up in an evening or two. Great for a beginner!


Please send me the results, I'd love to see your completed projects!

Do you like this enough to donate 0.45 cents for me to buy a new floss?


What a Lucky Cat!

I finished my Lucky Cat cross stitch, finally. This is on 18 ct aida and it fits nicely within the 4x6 mat. I have started stitching it again on black aida 14 ct, so it's bigger this time. It'll probably take me forever, because I'm still in the middle of embroidering pillowcases with Yo Gabba Gabba characters for Adelaide's birthday.
I'm almost done with Foofa (the first one I started) and I'm not quite sure I want to finish the rest...I made the mistake of filling in the entire design and it's taking me way too long!

Anyway, here is my Lucky Cat, made from a pattern by Expression Essentials. Sorry about the glare! I should have taken the picture before I framed it.

Here are some felt signs I made for the girls' bedroom doors. Chloë requested a skull like that. Why she wants a skull hanging on her door staring at her all night is beyond me. These aren't stitched around the edges yet.

Here is Chloë's, all finished and hanging on her door. Weird, but she likes it! I'm not done with Addie's yet.

I'm almost afraid to say I'll be done with the YGG pillowcases by December. We'll see!

work on a couple of patterns for the Etsy shop
fold the rest of the laundry
go pick Chloë up from Summerville
grocery store? That may be a little too ambitious for today. It's almost 11 and I'm still in my pj's.
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