Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elvis is King

I made some Elvis Costello patterns, inspired by my friend Sarah, who is the biggest Elvis fan I know. Her son is sick so I thought she needed a smile today. I don't even know if she cross stitches, but at least now she's got a good excuse to learn.

How cute is she? Very. Elvis ain't looking too bad, either. Mmmm.

It better not rain tonight for Boo at the Zoo. For serious.

My MIL sent us a box of costumes and clothes yesterday. She made Sean a DJ Lance costume (minus a hat) and a Toodee costume for Adelaide. She also made a Toodee dress for her to wear at her birthday party in December.
I have to take pictures of this stuff. It's amazing! I wish my MIL didn't live in TX. I need her to be my sewing sensi.

Off to post the Elvis pattern, then to go shopping for some Halloween stuff - DJ Lance hat stuff, a costume for Chloë, and something for me. I should just wear my pajamas. Then I wouldn't even have to get dressed today.

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