Thursday, October 29, 2009

I want sprinkles!

The small child is being a jerk because she didn't take a nap.

Today I:
Made the DJ Lance hat
Made Adelaide a Jack O'Lantern blanket with the leftover fleece
Made a metric asston of cupcakes for Chloë's school Halloween party
Made a BOO chicken pot pie (it's in the oven so you'll have to wait for a picture of my handiwork)

We're going to Boo the zoo tonight since the weather is nicer. The Marthafam is on the way over. We'll gorge ourselves on chicken pot pie and cupcakes (of course I made extras) and then take all of our childrens on over to the zoo. Oh yeah, no way in hell is Chloë eating chicken pot pie. It has VEGETABLES in it.

I did not get to biscornuize very much today since I was making hats and cupcakes and blankets. Maybe tonight.

It's Thursday! My tv night! Holy F, I am so boring.


Look at my irregular sprinkle placement. Some cupcakes got like 3486209843 pumpkin sprinkles and others had two or three. Whoops!


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