Monday, November 16, 2009

Attention, attention: Biscornu WIP Update with bonus FOs

Have you been waiting on the edge of your seat? I didn't think so. I am still going to update the progress on the Sock Monkey Biscornu, because that's why I have a brag about myself on the internet.
Here it goes!

Biscornu pictures, in order:

After 2 hours:

After 4 hours:

After 8 hours:

After 12 hours:

I've put in another hour or so since that picture, and I expect to be finished with another 30 minutes or so of work. All I have left is backstitch. THEN, I'll do the back.

Here is my beautiful daughter and her red panda body. She wanted to stitch a panda, but in red and purple. My husband said it looked like a fire ant. I think it resembles a small animal fetus, myself. She has put purple arms, legs and ears on it now. I need to take a new picture. So proud of her! She did a red and orange acorn, too. Right next to the fire ant fetus.

I stitched up my mini owl pattern so I could put an actual picture on the Etsy listing.

I did the same for my Little Sock Monkey pattern:

No post is complete without a gnome! I stitched this up the other night just for fun. I used the DMC color variations floss for the grass. It made some of the grass come out sort of blue, but so what. I wanted to see how the floss looked.

In other news, magpienight has 95 fans on Facebook now! I wonder when it'll get to 100? I should have a party.


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