Thursday, November 19, 2009

A post that will surprise no one

Um. Did I say I was going to do a bunch of stuff today? Because I sort of didn't do a lot of it.

Things I did do:
I finished the craft bunny/running with scissors embroidery. I am very happy with it!

And...that's it.

I didn't even take a nap, and that's usually the one thing you can be sure I'll accomplish.

I did spend my afternoon helping my oldest and two other 11 year olds cross stitch. They are Chloë's friends, twins that live a block over. I was all excited because one of them (a boy who loves football, sports, mud and bugs) was so into it. He stitched the acorn from my mini owl pattern. For his sister I drew a tiger pattern, which is what she requested. They both did a great job and I made them kits to take home for finishing their projects.

So my afternoon wasn't productive in terms of getting my to-do list done, but I taught two kids how to make something cool, so I am happy with that.

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