Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank you for being a friend, pimpin' my shop all ovah the interwebz

Hey, look! FrogPondStudios featured my Golden Girls cross stitch pattern in her  Etsy Treasury!
Yay! Thanks, FrogPond.

I put in about 4 more hours on the Sock Monkey biscornu over the weekend. I accidentally went to AC Moore yesterday without a bra on. Walking down the yarn aisle I realized I was a little, Whoops. Luckily I had a baby with me, so I just hugged her to my chest and hid my boobies. I probably looked like the best mother in the world. Who else carried their 2 year old all over the craft store like that? No one. No one who remember to wear a bra, anyway.

Today I'm going to work on some pincushions and kits. Exciting, yes?

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