Sunday, December 27, 2009

And on to the next holiday!

You know how when Halloween is over, stores start putting out Christmas stuff? Sometimes they throw a little Thanksgiving in there, but it's usually straight from Halloween to Christmas.

So even though New Year's isn't really a holiday holiday, like a gift-giving holiday, I am skipping it. Besides, it's this week. No time!

It is officially Valentine's Day season! I like Valentine's Day a lot, but probably not as much as my husband, because that's his birthday.
My youngest daughter's middle name is Valentine, after her dad. Oh yeah, his middle name is Valentine, too. It's a good thing I wasn't named after my birthday holiday, because then I'd be Maggie St. Patrick. Hmm.
My oldest was born 1 hour and 26 minutes after Easter, but her middle name is not Bunny. The younger one was born December 14th and I wanted to name her Natalie, which means 'Born at Christmas', but she's an Adelaide instead.
I don't want to have any more kids, so 9 months before every holiday, I get scared.

Do you know what you're getting for your sweetie this year? Well, next year, since it's technically still 2009.

A cross stitch would be a good idea.

You can buy a pattern from me! Because, well...I sell them. On the internets.

Here's a new one guaranteed to make you go "aww".


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