Sunday, December 13, 2009

Picture it...a 2 year old's birthday and I am still alive

I made it through The Adelaitor's birthday festivities today, and I will post some pics in the morning. I put some up on my personal facebook earlier, but I am pooped. YES, even too pooped to show off pics of my amazingly adorable children.

My Crafty Bunny embroidery and my Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Embroidery are ON SALE!!! Yeah, $4 off. That means only $10! How long will it be on sale? I dunno. Act fast, people. No time like the present. Present! Get it, like a gift? Ok, ok.

I sold my Picture it...Sicily, 1912 embroidery today. Tomorrow it goes to live in OK. Picture it...Oklaholma, 2009.

Don't worry! My Back in St. Olaf cross stitch is still available...



  1. You guys are too cool! I love the Yo Gabba Gabba party theme!! Glad to hear your little one had a fab B-Day!

    Your stitches are the best. I heart them. XOXOX

  2. Thanks! My MIL made those YGG costumes and my SIL made the cake. I can't take any credit! Well, I did make the goody bags.

    I'm glad you like my stitches. I like it when it makes people happy. That's the whole point!


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