Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pandas and Monkeys and Biscornu/s, oh my!

I am still unsure of the plural of biscornu. Is it one biscornu and two biscornus? Or is it two biscornu, like deer. Two deer, not two deers.

I may never know.

So when I had an Etsy purchase for two of my biscornu patterns I simply said, "enjoy your patterns" instead of "enjoy your biscornu/s".

Also I had a few sock monkeys and a couple of pandas jump ship earlier. That makes 7 sales today, 6 patterns and a pincushion.
All of the patterns have been relisted! Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? I sure feel all warm and fuzzy. I think that might be the muscle relaxers, though. I'm going to bed now!
This post brought to you by Little Panda! Isn't he cute? He was one of the 7 sales today. Luckily, he is endless.


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