Friday, December 18, 2009

Stay Golden...

I've been making cross stitched and embroidered Golden Girls quotes lately. They've been a big hit in my Etsy shop and I've had a lot of fun making them.

A few of the newer ones:

One of my favorite Blanche quotes. This one is still available on Etsy for only $7 + shipping!

Picture it...Sicily, 1912 cross stitch. Still available! Picture it...the perfect gift, 2009.

Thank You Being a Friend cross stitch. I listed this on Etsy and it sold about 10 minutes later. I'm working on some more. Sit on your hands!

Back in St. Olaf on turquoise aida. Still available!

Back in St. Olaf on gray aida, 3" hoop. Sold in a day!

And the ones that started it all...these particular ones are gone, but will always return.



  1. Those are friggin hilarious! "Picture it, Sicily, 1912." LOL!! I can just hear her saying that! I used to watch The Golden Girls as a kid, and I'd cry every time I heard the theme song. hehe. As a pre-teen watching that show, I used to think all older women spoke that way, saying "Maaa!" and talking all sarcastic like Bea Arthur. Good times. :D

  2. Thanks! I love the Golden Girls in a stalkerish, obsessive way. I was so sad when Bea and Estelle died.
    My MIL met Rue at a book signing in TX and got me an autographed copy of her book. I just about fell down with excitement!


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