Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Featured Etsyblogger

Wow, I sure waited til the last minute this month! Better late than never, I suppose.

This month's Featured Etsyblogger is Erika of Nico Designs, a crafter from Texas with a shop full of sweetness.

With the purchase of this Chloe the Angel cloth doll you are helping the Ronald McDonald House and with cancer research/education at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital! Nico Designs uses the proceeds in memory of Chloe, forever 7. You can read more about it on her blog.

How adorable are these Love Pears?

This Trellis Classic Tote Diaper Bag is on sale! You can use it for a purse, too! So cute.

Erika is super talented and we're glad to have her at Etsybloggers! Check out her shop and give it a heart, stop by and follow her blog - you'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain, rain, go away. Come again, like a few years, or maybe never.

This family of mine, we're inside people. When the weather keeps us indoors we don't complain too much. However, it seems like when we DO want to go outside, that's when we get a hurricane or something.

We don't get a lot of "snow days" here in South Carolina. In fact, if we ever get a snow day where it actually SNOWS, I would probably eat my own foot. The past year we have had two days of school closings due to this "snow" they say is going to "engulf" us. One of the days we had about a quarter inch of frost on the ground for a few hours. The other time it was sunny and beautiful, despite the weatherman's best efforts to terrify us about the impending blizzard. It really sucks when you have kids home from school and they are expecting snow, but instead they get a lovely, spring-like day.

So the winters are pretty easy here in terms of keeping the kids occupied. It's the rainy days we have to worry about here. Luckily my two year old is pretty much thrilled to sit in a cardboard box all afternoon, unless she is placing marshmallows in her mouth one by one (learning to count) or throwing her toys across the playroom (honing her baseball skills). I can give her a frying pan and an empty cereal box and she's happy for days. Coloring on a huge tablet works, too.

We didn't put her in this box, but we're considering hiring it as a babysitter.

Chloë is a little harder. She gets bored so easily and I don't want her sitting in front of the tv all day. She's happy these days to cross stitch with her mama and she also loves to read, so that's a couple of things she can do that don't melt her brain. I let her get a Facebook account (she doesn't have the password) so she enjoys Scarabbling with her dad online and playing some vampire game with her friends. She's mostly either crafting or internetting, rain or shine.

See how happy she is when she plays Farmville?

Of course, she's happy when she cross stitches, too. VERY happy.

That is a piece she's working on to list in the Hearts for Haiti shop on Etsy.
It's my January 2010 Free Pattern , the ASL I Love You cross stitch.
She's such a sweetie.

Sorry if you were waiting for more helpful hints other than "stuff your toddler full of marshmallows and put her in a box" or "allow your 10 year old on slightly age-inappropriate social networking websites". These kids aren't hard to entertain, inside or otherwise. Of course, since I had surgery, we've had a babysitter here and I have been doing exactly nothing. Get back to me in a couple of months when I'm changing diapers again. I might have a change of heart.

Etsybloggers Jan 29 Blog Carnival. Ta-da!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New in our Etsy shops!

Chloë and I have a few new things in our shops! She's been working feverishly on some new items to list, but she's had a lot of schoolwork lately, plus baton class and playing in the orchestra...she's a busy bee these days! She put her creativity to work and finished up this Funky Panda cross stitch. This Funky Panda comes complete with his trusty orange-topped acorn. Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for that someone who has everything? I can bet you they don't have a Funky Panda! Especially one made with love by the coolest 10 year old in the world. Just listed in her Etsy shop:

I made a few things, myself. A few more Golden Girls cross stitches and a fun little PB&J embroidery. All listed in my Etsy shop, of course.

You get the forks...I'll get the cheesecake! 2-piece Golden Girls cross stitch
There is nothing that can't be fixed by a slice of cheesecake.
Of course, it helps if you have four sassy ladies to share it with.

This one sold  about 5 minutes after I listed it!

And one I listed awhile back, but one of my favorites:
Ma! cross stitch. Can you hear Dorothy now?  MA!

Lastly, as promised, here is the link to some pictures of Project Tower. It's the Auburn University Creed! It's about 11" x 17" using full stitches and backstitches. it took me 8 weeks to finish it. If it hadn't been for my surgery, it probably would have been done a month ago, but the deadline wasn't until around now anyway. It is now on its way to the customer. I sort of felt sad seeing it go. I've had it on my lap for so long now!

I'm recovering from surgery, laying around making new cross stitches. Some days I'm not feeling my best, but mostly I am doing okay. The doctor did tell me it would be a long road, they did remove part of my spine, after all. Yeah, isn't that gross? They took bone and muscle off out of my spine! It's no wonder I spend my days hopped up on Vicodin. Oh, well. Who needs a spine when you've got all 7 seasons of the Golden Girls on dvd? Not me!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 2010 Free Pattern

I amost let January pass by without a free pattern! Here's one you can stitch for your sweetie this Valentine's Day and I'm nice enough to give you almost a whole month to get it ready! Although this is a small pattern (26w x 33h stitches) and it won't take you a month to finish it. In a month you'll be able to make one for every person that you love - even if you love 500 people!

Do you like this enough to donate 0.45 cents for me to buy a new floss?


I'm baaaaack!

My surgery went well and I am recovering nicely. I am not supposed to do anything for a couple of months, though. What! Nothing? They didn't mean cross stitching. I can't lift anything over 1 pound. Luckily, cross stitching weighs significantly less than a full pound.

My laptop broke awhile back, but it's fixed and on my lap again. Whew!

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you my Etsy shop reopened. So...hey, guess what? My Etsy shop is open again!
To celebrate, you should buy this, because it will make you happy:

In other fabulous news, I finished Project Tower. I will post pictures as soon as it gets to the recipient, so I don't spoil the surprise.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chloë's new Etsy shop!

Chloë has opened up her own Etsy shop called Chloë In Stitches. She is selling her finished cross stitch! She is super excited about doing this and she is working really hard at getting more items ready to list.

She put up her first item tonight.  

Isn't she cute?

I love that kiddo. So proud of her.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's 2010 already! Where did the time go?

2009 was a good year for us.

My husband got a awesome new job and we now have great insurance and other benefits we didn't have before. He got a raise, too, and I made him this cake:

He liked it this much:

I love him bunches. Last night he made flautas for dinner and he even does his own laundry! I think I'll keep him.

My 10-year-old Chloë took up cross stitching, along with starting 5th grade and learning how to play the violin.

Adelaide, aka The Babylaidey Monster, turned 2 and started talking up a storm. I watched my children grow and change so much it made me the happiest and saddest mama in the world, all at the same time.

My girls are the  most adorable things ever made. They melt my heart on a daily basis. Of course, sometimes I want to throw them out of the window, but overall I like them a lot! Especially when they are being this sweet:

Whoops! I just said "awww" out loud. Yes, I sure did.

I started selling on Etsy and saw the year end with 43 sales over an 8 week period. I have received 82 hearts since October 22 and I hope I can get 82 more in the next 8 weeks, too! I joined a lot of online groups and met some great crafty people and made a lot of new friends.

In August, I drove halfway across the country with both of my children, by myself, and I survived. My daughters got to meet family members in Texas that they rarely see. At stops along the way, I met some of my online friends that I had been talking to for years, but never seen in real life. Chloë met her pen pal Annika in Dallas and Adelaide got to meet her great-grandma for the first time. We ate enough tamales to feed a small country and when it was all over, I was sad we had to go home, but sort of relieved it was over because on the way home my children acted like this:

Of course, in 2009 I also herniated two discs in my back, which are still giving me a huge pain in the ass (literally). Otherwise 2009 was a pretty fun year.

I'm not asking for a repeat by any means, but when it comes to disasters, 2009 was relatively low in that department.

I hope 2010 is good to us. I hope it's good to you, too.

You know what would make it great? A cupcake. I think I'll go have one now.
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