Friday, January 22, 2010

New in our Etsy shops!

Chloë and I have a few new things in our shops! She's been working feverishly on some new items to list, but she's had a lot of schoolwork lately, plus baton class and playing in the orchestra...she's a busy bee these days! She put her creativity to work and finished up this Funky Panda cross stitch. This Funky Panda comes complete with his trusty orange-topped acorn. Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for that someone who has everything? I can bet you they don't have a Funky Panda! Especially one made with love by the coolest 10 year old in the world. Just listed in her Etsy shop:

I made a few things, myself. A few more Golden Girls cross stitches and a fun little PB&J embroidery. All listed in my Etsy shop, of course.

You get the forks...I'll get the cheesecake! 2-piece Golden Girls cross stitch
There is nothing that can't be fixed by a slice of cheesecake.
Of course, it helps if you have four sassy ladies to share it with.

This one sold  about 5 minutes after I listed it!

And one I listed awhile back, but one of my favorites:
Ma! cross stitch. Can you hear Dorothy now?  MA!

Lastly, as promised, here is the link to some pictures of Project Tower. It's the Auburn University Creed! It's about 11" x 17" using full stitches and backstitches. it took me 8 weeks to finish it. If it hadn't been for my surgery, it probably would have been done a month ago, but the deadline wasn't until around now anyway. It is now on its way to the customer. I sort of felt sad seeing it go. I've had it on my lap for so long now!

I'm recovering from surgery, laying around making new cross stitches. Some days I'm not feeling my best, but mostly I am doing okay. The doctor did tell me it would be a long road, they did remove part of my spine, after all. Yeah, isn't that gross? They took bone and muscle off out of my spine! It's no wonder I spend my days hopped up on Vicodin. Oh, well. Who needs a spine when you've got all 7 seasons of the Golden Girls on dvd? Not me!



  1. I just love those cross stitches!! I have to check out your shop. :-)


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