Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain, rain, go away. Come again, like ...in a few years, or maybe never.

This family of mine, we're inside people. When the weather keeps us indoors we don't complain too much. However, it seems like when we DO want to go outside, that's when we get a hurricane or something.

We don't get a lot of "snow days" here in South Carolina. In fact, if we ever get a snow day where it actually SNOWS, I would probably eat my own foot. The past year we have had two days of school closings due to this "snow" they say is going to "engulf" us. One of the days we had about a quarter inch of frost on the ground for a few hours. The other time it was sunny and beautiful, despite the weatherman's best efforts to terrify us about the impending blizzard. It really sucks when you have kids home from school and they are expecting snow, but instead they get a lovely, spring-like day.

So the winters are pretty easy here in terms of keeping the kids occupied. It's the rainy days we have to worry about here. Luckily my two year old is pretty much thrilled to sit in a cardboard box all afternoon, unless she is placing marshmallows in her mouth one by one (learning to count) or throwing her toys across the playroom (honing her baseball skills). I can give her a frying pan and an empty cereal box and she's happy for days. Coloring on a huge tablet works, too.

We didn't put her in this box, but we're considering hiring it as a babysitter.

Chloë is a little harder. She gets bored so easily and I don't want her sitting in front of the tv all day. She's happy these days to cross stitch with her mama and she also loves to read, so that's a couple of things she can do that don't melt her brain. I let her get a Facebook account (she doesn't have the password) so she enjoys Scarabbling with her dad online and playing some vampire game with her friends. She's mostly either crafting or internetting, rain or shine.

See how happy she is when she plays Farmville?

Of course, she's happy when she cross stitches, too. VERY happy. Almost...maniacal...hm.

That is a piece she's working on to list in the Hearts for Haiti shop on Etsy.
It's my January 2010 Free Pattern , the ASL I Love You cross stitch.
She's such a sweetie.

Sorry if you were waiting for more helpful hints other than "stuff your toddler full of marshmallows and put her in a box" or "allow your 10 year old on slightly age-inappropriate social networking websites". These kids aren't hard to entertain, inside or otherwise. Of course, since I had surgery, we've had a babysitter here and I have been doing exactly nothing. Get back to me in a couple of months when I'm changing diapers again. I might have a change of heart.

Etsybloggers Jan 29 Blog Carnival. Ta-da!


  1. Yay! Sounds like our lives right now. :) I love the rain though, and I drag my kids out in it to play. :) Ummm....yeah, I'm the crazy mom. Of course I am the one who gets sick...:-/

    Hope your surgery recovery is a speedy one!

  2. I think it is fantastic that your daughter likes to cross stitch. And the fact that she is doing the ASL I love you is perfect.

    Please post a photo when it is finished!
    I love when someone stitches a deaf cross stitch...they are always so hard to find.



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