Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010 Featured Etsyblogger - TiLTCreations

February is a short month, and it's hard to spell, too. Here I was thinking in my procrastinator's brain that I had a couple more days to get my monthly Featured Etsyblogger post up...and today is the last day of February. What? Why is February so short, and have I just misspelled it four times already?

This month's featured blogger is Theresa of TiLTCreations! Hi Theresa! She has not one, but TWO Etsy shops and to make things even, she's got two blogs as well.

First, let's check out her Etsy shop, TiLTCreations. It's full of things I tend to overspend purses, handbags, messenger bags, totes and backpacks! Lovely stuff here! Someone cut me off from my PayPal account, And today is the last day of her BOGO 1/2 off sale!

Here are some of her goodies:

Get ready for the Zombie Apocolypse with this Hand Embroidered Zombie Worker Denim Messenger bag!

So if zombies aren't your thing, check out this adorable handbag in Cherry Red and Black Floral fabric!

And her blog to go along with TiLT Creations: Crafts, Kids, Home and Life!

So now on to her destash shop, TiLT Too! Destah...another thing I should stay away from, Oh, boy. I am not a seamstress by any means, but I am somewhat of a fabric hoarder. I guess I think one day I will suddenly be able to create beautiful things with my TWO sewing machines that I barely know how to use?
This shop is full of fun fabrics and various patterns!

My favorite fabric is this purple, red and orange wavy stripe yard. It's so neat looking! I imagine it as a little skirt for my toddler. Or maybe a pillow. Or...or...or...maybe I should learn how to make those things before I go nuts over the fabric. Isn't it pretty, though? Look!

And look at this adorable pattern for "My Book". So cute!

And last but not least, the blog to go with this shop is TiLT Creations Too.

Theresa is amazingly talented and you should check out her shops and blogs - I see an Artfire rapid cart on there get your PayPal fingers ready. These shops are hard to resist!

Congrats Theresa, and thanks for being an Etsyblogger!

Feb 2010 Featured Etsyblogger

Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 2010 Free Pattern

Yeesh, I wait til the last minute, don't I? I'll blame it on...something else. It's not my fault, I promise. This month's pattern is a little ladybug - 38w x 27h stitches and 6 colors. Ladybugs are good luck!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


No, we're not going on vacation. We've done it before, though! Imagine that. In 2008 we went to Disney World. Yes, we did! My in-laws took us. It was awesome.

When we went to Disney World, Chloe had a fabulous time. Adelaide was only 6 months old and she didn't really even know what was going on, but my in-laws went with us and they spoiled her rotten while Sean and I took Chloe to the Magic Kingdom. We ate so much food I thought we'd explode, but we also walked about 50 miles throughout the whole vacation so it sort of evened out. We took a train down to Orlando. We had a sleeper cabin, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND when traveling with children. I canot express how much this saved our sanity. We had a top bunk twin bed for Chloe and a bottom bunk double that was a couch AND a bed (score!) and our own bathroom, which doubled as a shower, although we didn't bother with that. Luckily nobody puked. Addie slept in her car seat most of the time and the rest of the trip she spent looking out of the window and admiring the hideous po-dunk towns we traveled through.
Overall, I'd say that trip was #1. We took the kids to Tweetsie Railroad and Mystery Hill up in Blowing Rock, NC in 2009, and that was quite fun. Much cheaper, but the weather was weird. It was hot, but not quite hot enough to swim in the outdoor pool, even though it was June. Weird.

Anyway, here are some pics of our Disney trip. You can just see for yourself how much fun we had. I'm just not going to write any more about it, ok?!

On the train!

Fountain at the hotel (can you tell how happy she was that I forced her to take a picture??)

Saying goodbye to Oma and Opa at the train station.

Etsybloggers Blog Carnival!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Same old story

Yeah, I've been busy. Busy sleeping, mostly! Working on a few new felt projects, fixing up my Zibbet shop, Etsying, and some of that et cetera stuff. You know. Cafe World. it sucks me in. I just can't figure out why it takes 2 days to make a pot roast. I mean, wtf, really? In real life I can make one in like six minutes.

Last weekend it snowed in South Carolina. For reals, yo. I couldn't believe it. It was a Valentine's Day miracle. Except it happened the day before Valentine's Day, so it was sort of a pre-miracle.

My backyard:

My front yard and driveway:

The towering pines in my yard (I was so afraid the snow would break the limbs and crash on my house, eek!)

I promise a real post later. We're actually leaving the house today for an appointment for the kids (the sitter is driving us, but I am excited to leave the house!) so I'll be back later on to tell you all of the exciting things that are going on. Try not to be so impatient!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zibbet, Zibbet!

So, I've been working on opening up my new Zibbet shop. Want to check it out? Use my referral link to sign up! Here's some linky goodness for that .
They have like 400-something premium memberships left for $7 a month, regularly $15. You can sell without fees! I really like it. If you sign up on a premium membership, please use my link! I will love you forever. Well, I'll love you forever anyway, but if you do that I might make you some cookies, too.

I am having a Grand Opening Sale there! HALF OFF YOUR ENTIRE PATTERN ORDER for the first 15 customers. You could buy every pattern in my shop at half price. But, it's only for the first 15 buyers. So hurry up if you want to get a great deal! I'll refund you the 1/2 through PayPal, or contact me first and I will set up a disounted order for you.

I also set up on Shophandmade. I'm still working on that one. Listing takes time people! And it's hard work laying here on the couch taking meds and eating chocolate all day. Don't forget about my Artfire, too. I'm all ovah the interwebz, peeps!
And as always, there's my good ol' Etsy shop. My bread and butter.

I am also working on a special order for Aurea, the maker of the pretty pretty rings that I covet. I have several projects to get done like, now. Better step away from the chocolate and get to work.
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