Thursday, February 18, 2010

Same old story

Yeah, I've been busy. Busy sleeping, mostly! Working on a few new felt projects, fixing up my Zibbet shop, Etsying, and some of that et cetera stuff. You know. Cafe World. it sucks me in. I just can't figure out why it takes 2 days to make a pot roast. I mean, wtf, really? In real life I can make one in like six minutes.

Last weekend it snowed in South Carolina. For reals, yo. I couldn't believe it. It was a Valentine's Day miracle. Except it happened the day before Valentine's Day, so it was sort of a pre-miracle.

My backyard:

My front yard and driveway:

The towering pines in my yard (I was so afraid the snow would break the limbs and crash on my house, eek!)

I promise a real post later. We're actually leaving the house today for an appointment for the kids (the sitter is driving us, but I am excited to leave the house!) so I'll be back later on to tell you all of the exciting things that are going on. Try not to be so impatient!



  1. Hi Maggie, how are you? Wow - that is a LOT of snow for South Carolina. A friend of mine was visiting there at the same time, and she posted some photos of the snow. Still cannot believe it. Congratulations on the Zibbet shop, by the way. I hope it is doing well for you. Enjoy your outing with the girls. :) Theresa

  2. That's more snow then we've gotten all winter combined!

    Gimme my snow you stole it!!
    LOL. I haven't even had to shovel yet! :(
    Hope you're having fun with it!
    hee hee

  3. Wow! Beautiful pics...I wish we have snow here in New Orleans. Thanks for sharing!


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