Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zibbet, Zibbet!

So, I've been working on opening up my new Zibbet shop. Want to check it out? Use my referral link to sign up! Here's some linky goodness for that .
They have like 400-something premium memberships left for $7 a month, regularly $15. You can sell without fees! I really like it. If you sign up on a premium membership, please use my link! I will love you forever. Well, I'll love you forever anyway, but if you do that I might make you some cookies, too.

I am having a Grand Opening Sale there! HALF OFF YOUR ENTIRE PATTERN ORDER for the first 15 customers. You could buy every pattern in my shop at half price. But, it's only for the first 15 buyers. So hurry up if you want to get a great deal! I'll refund you the 1/2 through PayPal, or contact me first and I will set up a disounted order for you.

I also set up on Shophandmade. I'm still working on that one. Listing takes time people! And it's hard work laying here on the couch taking meds and eating chocolate all day. Don't forget about my Artfire, too. I'm all ovah the interwebz, peeps!
And as always, there's my good ol' Etsy shop. My bread and butter.

I am also working on a special order for Aurea, the maker of the pretty pretty rings that I covet. I have several projects to get done like, now. Better step away from the chocolate and get to work.


  1. Nice! I've heard about Zibbet, but I'd never visited before! Good luck with your new shop!

  2. I've never heard of Zibbet, I'm on my way now to check it out.

    Best of luck with it!!

  3. Congrats on the opening of your new shop! I wish you much success! :) Theresa

  4. Neat! You have so many shops, I have none. I am scared to start one for some reason. :-/ :)


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