Wednesday, February 24, 2010


No, we're not going on vacation. We've done it before, though! Imagine that. In 2008 we went to Disney World. Yes, we did! My in-laws took us. It was awesome.

When we went to Disney World, Chloe had a fabulous time. Adelaide was only 6 months old and she didn't really even know what was going on, but my in-laws went with us and they spoiled her rotten while Sean and I took Chloe to the Magic Kingdom. We ate so much food I thought we'd explode, but we also walked about 50 miles throughout the whole vacation so it sort of evened out. We took a train down to Orlando. We had a sleeper cabin, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND when traveling with children. I canot express how much this saved our sanity. We had a top bunk twin bed for Chloe and a bottom bunk double that was a couch AND a bed (score!) and our own bathroom, which doubled as a shower, although we didn't bother with that. Luckily nobody puked. Addie slept in her car seat most of the time and the rest of the trip she spent looking out of the window and admiring the hideous po-dunk towns we traveled through.
Overall, I'd say that trip was #1. We took the kids to Tweetsie Railroad and Mystery Hill up in Blowing Rock, NC in 2009, and that was quite fun. Much cheaper, but the weather was weird. It was hot, but not quite hot enough to swim in the outdoor pool, even though it was June. Weird.

Anyway, here are some pics of our Disney trip. You can just see for yourself how much fun we had. I'm just not going to write any more about it, ok?!

On the train!

Fountain at the hotel (can you tell how happy she was that I forced her to take a picture??)

Saying goodbye to Oma and Opa at the train station.

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  1. How fun!! Great pics!! I've never been to Disney World, but I practically grew up at Disneyland! Max has never been, but we used to go every year at least 3 times, when Molly was younger. I miss it and can't wait to take Max. :)I'm a Disneyland freak.

  2. Fun stuff, great photos...been to both Disney's...I prefer Florida though.

    Happy Vacation.

  3. What great pictures! It looks like you had a fabulous time!


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