Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I won, I won!

 First of all, I WON, I WON! I won ten free patterns from Gulf Coast Cottage PDF !!!

I know I haven't been here a lot, things have been a little crazy! I had another spinal surgery in November so I have been dealing with that, plus my crazy kids. I've had my Etsy shop closed up for awhile, but i should be back up and running soon.

In the meantime, I entered a giveaway for the awesome Gulf Coast Cottage PDF Etsy shop, where you can find totally fabulous felt patterns to make toys for your kids (or even yourself!). It was a giveaway for TEN awesome pattern, free!
I was thrilled to get a message from Jen today telling me that I was the winner! I'm so excited! I've been cross stitching more for family and friends lately rather than to sell, and I picked back up on knitting some toys. This will be a perfect way to spend some of my recovery time! The patterns are Gulf Coast are great. I got the toaster pattern last year and it was great.
You can make toys for your kids that they will love and you don't have to worry about lead and other yucky things because you know what they're made of.
These are my ten picks:

Easter Basket pattern

Italian Feast

Peanut butter and jelly lunch

Candy Coated House and Gingerbread Family


Pizzeria Fun

I can't wait to get started on these neat patterns. My kids will be thrilled! So will I. I can't lie. I enjoy the toys...I might even make an Easter Basket for myself, too!

Thanks to Jen at Gulf Coast Cottage PDF for this great giveaway! It totally made my day. :)

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