Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A special occasion

It's the anniversary of me not posting in this blog for a whole year! Wow. Time flies when you're procrastinating. Well, I reopened my Etsy shop, so you can go check that out. My Facebook page is still there, it's been a little quiet, but that's because I haven't been there running my big mouth as I usually do. I've been quiet on Twitter, but that's because I forgot to update Tweetdeck.
I hope you all still love me. I'm here, I'm just busy. The kids are good and I'm doing well after my surgery in Nov 2010. When my doctor said a year recovery, he wasn't kidding. I am in good shape now, though.

I promise it won't be another year before I update. I swear! If you get bored, you can go check out my youngest daughter's Facebook page where we post all of the weird stuff she says. It's good for a laugh or three.

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